Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Lexie!

Hokey Pokey anyone?!?

Kids with papa!

Cuties in their tutus!

Baby Lexie is the kiddos only cousin and they love her very much! She came down for the weekend and we had a BIG time! We went to Granbury on Saturday to watch General Granbury's Birthday parade and it just so happens that my dad IS general Granbury! Before the parade we rode carni rides...After the parade we went to our all time fav BABE'S! It was a weekend full of laughing, joy and precious moments that only cousins can share! So, Lex even though you will be 3 soon you will always still be our baby Lexie! Love you!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good Times!

Caden, Bobby and Justin after a day of 4-wheeling!

Uncle JJ

Ok...that's one thing you can do with chop sticks!

I love the kid's faces in this pic...watching the guy at Beni Hanas!

Nothing like a fried rice Mickey Mouse!

My sister and I

We got to go to my sister's house in Spring this weekend! We had a are a few pics!

Caden's Big day!

Our wonderful principal Ms. Pound's and Caden feeding tiger!

On Thursday of last week Caden was very surprised to have been called to the principal's office. Not because he was in trouble because there was a very special visitor. It was a 6 week old tiger cub and he was ready to play. Caden got 30 minutes to frolic, play, and feed the feisty cub! They both had a great time!

Later that day, Caden was in a program at school. He had a speaking part and did a great job! Way to go Caden! We are so proud of you!