Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Morgan is 6

Morgan LeeAnn Cowan

Baby Morgan

Morgan on her 1st bday... she was a sick little baby...

1st bday


I love this picture because she is wearing her Great-Great grandmother's scarf!

Going to cheer for bubba's game!

Morgan turning 2

Morgan turning 3...She did not want us singing happy bday to her!

Morgan turning 4

It is so hard to believe our baby is 6! She has brought us so much joy and LAUGHTER these past 6 years! We are so excited to see what God is going to do thru her because we KNOW it is going to be BIG!!!!

Christmas 09

Cowan Family Christmas pic 09

Jessica, mimi, morgan and Aunt Lili

me...mom....sis (I know..I know... my mom looks like she is our sister not our mom) She is stunning!

Bobby and his brother Cody...need I say more?!

Bobby, Casey and Cody!

Our house at Christmas !

Our tree!

It was such a wonderful Christmas! We feel so blessed! Thank You JESUS for our familyand friends! We truly could not ask for more!

Snow in Texas!

Caden and Morgan on Christmas morning at our house!
Chritmas eve with Morgan family at my Aunt Betty's house in Granbury!

Caden in our backyard!

Morgan and Cayenne...

Enjoying the snow!

Looking out the picture window at Nana and Papa's house!

Our house Christmas morning!

Look at Caden in the background!

Bobby's snowman!

Wow! What fun it was to wake up and have snow on Christmas morning! Thank you Lord for Christmas... The birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Also, Thank You for the snow because it reminds us of Isaiah 1:18 and how you have washed us "white as snow"!How Awesome is that?!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Ski Trip

Traveling to Ruidoso in the motor home... Only way to travel!!!
Our Driver!

Cutie tubing!

Caden sledding!

The cabin that we stayed in!

Caden was such an awesome skier!


Caden sledding!

Fam pic on top of the mountain!

She's so cute!

We had a blast skiing! We have the best family! We are so blessed!