Monday, March 22, 2010

My new Neice!

So, as most of you I am going to be an aunt again! We are all so very excited for August to roll around because we will finally get to meet Skylan Faith Johnson! We are so happy for my sister and JJ.. and we truely believe and know that Skylanis a true miracle of GOD! I cant wait! If you want to know more about my sis...her story... and baby skylan...please visit her blog

Spring Break 10'

Houston Rodeo!

On the way to six flags with the crew!

Boys in the back!

Emma and Morgan ready for the roller coaster!

Merry Go Round!

Angels! Morgan, Ava and Emma!

Emma and I sat out lots of rides together! I'm glad she was there to keep me comapny!

We had a fabulous sprinf break! Started with the trip to Houston to see my sis and JJ! Had a blast! Ended with Six Flags... it was fun because we were with the Haglers... but it was so stinking crowded! Never again will we do that on spring break! Thank goodness we have season passes!
We are very blessed!